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Natural Pollution-free Environment

  • UNESCO has identified our site as the only non-polluted seaside resort on the west cost of the Pacific Ocean.
  • The production base is located inside an agriculture tourism ecological garden and close to an industrial park of Marine Biology and Aquarium with no chemical plants around 10 km in every direction.


Largest production capacity

  • 3 major manufacturing sites with total area of 125 acres of aquaculture area and the R&D center takes up to 21,520 square feet. The annual microalgae productivity exceeds 5000 tons.
  • The water supply for production is from 600 m depth groundwater source which is nearly the mineral water standard.
  • The cultivation farm is a enclosed stainless-steel greenhouse environment with no dust, sour rain or bacterial contamination.


Professional Manufacturer

Microalgae R&D Center C.B.N.Spirulina Entrance Signage in factory

Cultivation Greenhouse

Production Department Center Of Marine Microalgae Biotechnology Raw Material Collection Department

Breeding Center of Algae

Rotary Tablet Machine Drying Department

Testing Center

Research Laboratory of Active Substances Photobioreactor

High Quality Quaranteed

  • China first non-irradiation powder sterilization technology and equipment;
  • Plant based nutrients used in cultivation;
  • Non-GMO, Gluten-free;
  • Low content of heavy metals;
  • Low microcystins;
  • Super low PAH4;
  • Free from PCBS and Dioxins;
  • Hypothermic cell-wall broken technology;
  • Extraction technology of phycocyanin;
  • Metal detection and separation;
  • 4000kgs mix container without quality and color difference;
GMP Factory

Our Warehouse

Our warehouse

Comprehensive Manufacturing Procedures

Spirulina Manufacturing Procedures

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Address: #64-1833 Coast Meridian Road, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 6G5      Email: info@aimgrow.com    Phone: 1-800-618-6199     Aim Grow Biotech Co., Ltd.
Spirulina and Chlorella Certificates